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A Must Watch for Bring our Jobs Home supporters

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Kudos to ABC News for doing just that. There news series called “Made in America” tells the story of American companies, mostly small businesses and people, working to bring attention to the products that are made in the USA, and those that are not.

ABC’s Made in America started in 2011 with then host Diane Sawyer interviewing the next wave of American small businesspeople that are successfully competing with the flood of cheap products from overseas.

The new host of ABC news, David Muir, spent several years also interviewing subjects for Made in America. We are glad that Muir is in the host seat and continuing his work on Made in America.

The latest episode of Made in America highlights the Mag Instrument Company, which makes the famous Maglite flashlight, which some of you may remember from TV commercials that had a Mack Truck running over the Maglite but it still worked.

Mag Instrument is a Made In the USA company, with all flashlights assembled and made at their Ontario, California plant. All parts are made here, the flashlights are shipped from their US factory to over 85 countries. The company’s website—, says it best about a company doing the right thing for America, and Americans. 

“Mag Instrument is the only flashlight maker with significant market share that still manufactures its entire line of flashlights in the United States. Our world class manufacturing facility in Southern California, to which every one of our manufacturing employees reports for work, is just a few miles down the road from the place where, in 1955, our president and founder started in business as a one-man machine shop in a rented garage.

“The outsourcing of manufacturing by other U.S. companies has meant the loss of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs in the United States. Indeed, if Mag Instrument had chosen the path of others, the jobs of its approximately 700 employees in Ontario, California would have been lost. And if a well-known “rule of thumb” is true – that each manufacturing job supports five additional jobs in the local economy (a considerably higher “multiple,” by the way, than a typical service-sector job yields) – then that would have meant a loss of 3,500 jobs.

“By keeping flashlight manufacturing jobs in America, Mag Instrument "puts its money where its mouth is." But when it comes to promoting U.S.-based manufacturing, Mag Instrument does much more than just set a good example.” States the company on its website—

ABC News featured Maglite in a story in September of 2014. The inventor of Maglite, Anthony Maglica, was featured and told his story of brining his flashlight to the public in 1979 and never looking back.

Maglica employs 500 workers, including 25 new workers this year. When overseas countries tried to woo his company to build Maglite’s overseas, he refused. When the Chinese began making fake Maglite’s and dumping them in the US market, Maglica sued and is still thriving.

ABC Evening News Anchor David Muir

David Muir recently visited the Jimmy Kimmel Show and brought along a few Maglite’s for Kimmel and the band, and told the story about the company. After the ABC news story, and Muir’s appearance on Kimmel, there was a 50% spike in traffic to their website, and a large increase in sales, which shows that when given the opportunity, Americans will support a company, and made in the USA products.

What Maglica’s story tells us is that the American Dream is still possible. And thanks to ABC news, Americans now know what flashlight to buy.

Other Made in America ABC news segments feature many other US companies that proudly build and ship their products right here. Other segments expose some companies that falsely advertise that they are making their products in America, and highlight some very sad cases of products that should be made in America—like the gifts sold at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, but are made overseas.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders demanded that the Smithsonian, with 30 million visitors and $44 M in revenues from gifts—back in 2011—since then—the Smithsonian has created a Made in America portion of their store that sells souvenir’s that are made in the USA.

What ABC News’s Made in America has shown us is how easy it is, with a little research, to find out what products are made in America, and use our buying power to support those companies whenever possible. We must do our part in taking the time to learn, and Buy American.

We have posted several YouTube video links to Made in America stories. Please watch them here or at YouTube, or at And if you are watching the Evening news every weekday at 630pm EST, watch ABC News! They support our cause.


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