Alliance of Americans for America

Massive Rally In New York City January 7

The Alliance of Americans for America Executive Director Rich Pezzullo announced that the group will be hosting a major rally in support of American manufacturing on January 7, 2012 in City Hall Park in New York City near the Park Row subway plaza.

The Rally will be held from 2 to 4 PM.

Leaders from the government, labor and management will address the group sharing their thoughts on how best to reconstruct the manufacturing infrastructure and jobs that bring strength and stability to working Americans.

The Alliance members are committed to providing action where needed to knock down bureaucratic or legislative roadblocks and to make the case that manufacturing is the backbone of the economy and must be returned to America. We stand in support of the American worker looking for a decent job.

The rally is designed to share ideas and objectives among the members and other interested parties. Numerous unions who have recognized the importance of working together to get American manufacturing moving will be represented.

"If we are in a ditch, as some claim, there might be plenty of gas in the tank thanks to easy money policies - but the wheels are still spinning in the muck of bureaucracy", explains Pezzullo, " The AOAFA is the muscle that will get manufacturers on the road again - even if it means pushing them, one at a time, out of the bureaucratic mud and onto the economic superhighway ."

Please join us on January 7. You will be excited to be part of a group infused with energy and commitment - hundreds of Americans willing to work to restore the bedrock of American prosperity. These motivated citizens understand that talking rarely gets anything accomplished and are ready to step up and do the heavy lifting necessary to change the course of the economy.

January 7 at 2 PM the American Renaissance begins!

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