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Both Presidential Candidates Support Halting Unfair Trade Deals and Bringing Back Manufacturing Jobs to USA

Will Anything Get Done in Washington?

Picture of 2016 Repubican Presidential Nominee TrumpThe two major candidates for President in 2016, democrat Hillary Clinton and republican Donald Trump, both do not support TPP, the Trans Pacific Partnership, and believe that it is an American job killer, based on previous unfair free trade agreements that have resulted in the loss of 5 million American jobs since 2000.

Trump has opposed TPP and free trade from the beginning of his campaign, and if you are able to see through the distractions Trump provides on almost a daily basis, you can hear Trump calling for fair trade deals to be created with China and Mexico. Clinton, after a long primary battle with Bernie Sanders, now opposed TPP and has been calling for more manufacturing jobs in the US in her stump speeches.

The question now becomes, now that both candidates support bringing jobs back to the USA, will anything get accomplished in Washington DC after either Hillary or Trump is elected President?

We believe that it will be much harder than you think. In order to truly begin to bring some of the millions of manufacturing and call center jobs lost over the past 10-20 years, we need the support from:

  • Corporate America: Our American corporations need to analyze their bottom lines and realize that it no longer costs as much to make it in the USA when compared to China and Mexico. That is because the cost of wages has risen in China and the cost of American manufacturing has remained flat. Add to it the cost of corruption in both China and Mexico, and transportation costs which continue to rise, and it makes sense to make it in here at home. The reshoring institute,, is a great website that helps companies analyze their cost of doing business overseas. Right now, American corporations have no incentive to re –shore their jobs back home; no tax incentive and no public relations incentive. This has to changePicture of 2016 Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton
  • US Congress: Both parties in Washington are unfortunately at the whims of thousands of lobbyists and interest groups that want to continue the status quo. And the status quo has a free flow of cheap goods coming into our country. For those who are benefiting from these cheap goods, there is no desire to change. Very few members of congress openly support a Made in America movement because there is no lobbyist, and no campaign contributions coming in from you and me, the average American. Political pressure needs to be put on our House members and Senators to pass legislation which will encourage corporations to bring their jobs home, and don’t give tax breaks to corporations who outsource American jobs. We also need members of Congress who will stand up, and tell the American people the value to our nation, of making it here and buying American made products. We see little or none of this coming from our 100 Senators, and 435 members of Congress.
  • The American People: Most important, the American people need to stand up and say “I’m sick and tired and I won’t take it anymore!!” We need to have a true American Made grass roots movement to buy American made goods. We need to force our corporations and leaders in Washington to encourage buying American made goods, but more important, to provide incentives to re open our manufacturing and call centers here in the USA. The American people need to realize that the only way to reduce our deficits, and lift millions out of poverty, is to give them a chance at a good paying job with benefits. And the only way to do that is to bring some of the millions of jobs back home and restore the American Dream to those who have lost hope.

Let us hope that when either President Hillary Clinton or President Donald Trump takes office in January 2017, that they mean what they say, and will work to bring our jobs home.

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