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To All My Patriotic Friends;

The following is my "suggestion and views" as a business man in the town of Astoria, borough of Queens, and the great State of New York.......

Now that we are at a 16.3 trillion dollar debt and counting, I am not encouraged who our current elected politicians are @ the helm of our budget crisis.

The bickering between our elected officials, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, all of whom blame each other, blame past elected officials, blame past Presidents, is all nonsense........Many of our current elected officials never even held a professional managerial post outside of a government elected position. Many of the current politicians never even owned their own business.

They wouldn't even know the responsibility and burden in paying the payroll, federal, state and local taxes.....let alone employers must match the payroll social security taxes.

For the past four (4) years, I have only been hearing how our government should increase taxes on the wealthy. How the wealthy should pay there fair share. As many of our politicians have been saying in the past four years, the majority of top earners make up approximately 5 percent of the population. Then how can 5 percent of the top earners fix our country's problems concerning the debt. We already passed the 16 trillion dollar debt, and climbing. When will we finally start to control our country's budget?

Why are our current elected politicians allowing this great country of ours to go bankrupt? Did we not learn how our Nation became the Greatest Country Ever? It was thru hard work, ingenuity, innovation and a vision..... Everyone pitching in. Building our Nation thru the sweat of our ancestors merits. Thru the sweat of our ancestors came a Nation that the rest of the world depends on. Where many had come here for a better life. A country where one can dream, work hard, and build a family. A nation when once "All" could have raised a family. A nation of believers, a nation of helping others, a nation working together.

And what are we doing? Our Nation became a people that depends on government. We had forgotten to earn for ourselves. We can come out of this. We need to educate the public. That one may rely on oneself then to depend on one's government.

Producing and earning for oneself is not such a bad idea. Government is essential for our society to thrive. We need government to ensure law and order, to ensure our well being. But I truly believe that government should stay out of free enterprise. They can oversee corrupt individuals. To make sure laws are not broken, to aid in a natural or intentional catastrophe , but I believe the most important responsibility of our government is to; Ensure and Protect One's freedom.

Freedom from Tyranny, freedom from the Crown, freedom to take one's self to their highest potential. Freedom to get back up when one has fallen. Freedom to make choices, right or wrong, its Freedom.......That is what our forefathers fought for.

Our forefathers broke away from the Crown of England for One's Freedom. Our forefathers did not shed there blood so there grandchildren should be ruled, governed by another form of tyranny. Freedom, a beautiful thing. What many people in many countries are now longing for and dying as well......FREEDOM.

Increasing tax revenue on tax payers is not going to take our country out of the hole. If we took all of the wealthy (5 percent) total liquid assets, along with that of the liquid assets that our corporations are sitting on, that doesn't even amount to 4 trillion dollars. Where are we going to find the other 12 trillion dollars? We have a little under 400 billionaires in this country. Many of them does not have a billion dollars in liquid assets. Luckily if they are sitting on a couple hundred million in liquid assets each. Taxing the wealthy may only impede the situation. We need the wealthy to invest in our economy. To infiltrate the economy with a work force.

I understand that trimming cost by imposing a pay freeze on unionized federal, state and local municipalities will help, that alone will not find trillions of dollars. Creating an expert panel will only create additional cost (payroll) that a
American tax payers can't afford. Also, after decades of hard work, long hours, building an equity of taxes that our elderly citizens had contribute, as well as future American citizens that will be approaching their retirement age, now our federal government would like to trim the medicare program.

Our state and local governments are also looking to trim the health benefits that our government union citizens had worked so hard for. Many of them are being told to contribute into their benefit package. Not all municipal workers are in the six figured bracket. When I hear of government employees earning $100,00.00 to $150,000.00 and up that is usually the supervisors, management level earning that type of salary.

How can our society of new politicians "abandon our heroes", the people who made America what it is today. The idea that if you should work hard, have somewhat of a nest egg, live out the remaining days with dignity, not knowing if you will be accepted for a specialize medical treatment, but may be told that the treatment in question may not be covered.......What happened to us?

I understand Congressman Ryan has devised a plan that medicare cuts would not affect people 55 and over........But what about the younger group of hard working individuals and families.

Cutting the Medicare program is a big mistake. Health care should not be cut....(Reform Yes)......We should find ways of offering individuals incentives to continue their employment till they reach their retirement age, especially that future working americans may now have to continue their employment to age 69.

We should not disparage the American worker. There should be a light at the end of the tunnel, not a dead end. Many of our elderly citizens has 30, 40, 50 years of paying social security / medicare taxes. Where has all this money gone too?

What really bothers me and I am sure others who are also in business, we as Employers must match the payroll social security taxes. Where has all this money gone too?

Our politicians inept ability to control our expenditures should be reason for termination from public office.

Perhaps, we do need to cut our city, state, and federal government by at least 10 to 20 percent. As municipal government employees retire, others must do a little more. In turn, they can still keep their jobs along with their benefit packages.....through attrition, this also may help in saving $$$$$$. We should not be looking to have mass layoffs with government unionized workers. Government, State and Local Municipalities should be looking into ways to further educate their workers in enhancing their ability to produce for the American Tax Payer.

It can be done and I believe it can work. In 2011, Mayor Bloomberg was looking to close 20 fire companies in his new budget. How could the "thought" of letting go NYC bravest when they are the backbone of our NYC emergency personal. In most cases they are 1st. when responding to most emergency's.

We should instead be having a hiring frieze rather accepting application for recruitments in other departments.

There are other ways in saving the American tax payer their retirement / medicare benefits, stop giving away their tax dollars to foreign countries, especially when they do not deserve it. Especially when we give nearly 3 billion dollars to the Pakistan Government......when in turn they turned a blind eye about the most wanted criminal / terrorist this country has ever dealt with.

Perhaps some type of additional insurance Americans can purchase during their working career. The additional insurance can take affect upon retiring. Or perhaps increasing the medicare portion on tax payers w/ holdings. I just don't believe after decades of hard work, and now Americans will probably reach the new retirement age of 69, we are going to ask retirees to further contribute into some type of additional payments @ the end of their working career, especially when most Americans will be on a fixed budget.

Medicare should be reformed, but not cut. If we are going to reform medicare, it should actually start now. If something is not working or broken, how can one repair or look to service it 10 years from now? How can we also ask the younger group of Americans or the next generation to bear the full responsibility for Medicare Reform?

Congressman Ryan does have a good idea to save our most cherished benefit, "Medicare". But I truly believe that Americans that are still under the age of 55, in some shape or form or another, while they are still employed, even that segment of our society should try to at least contribute something towards Medicare for future generations.

Americans over 55 to 62 should be excluded from contributing something towards the next generation. Some type of formula or portion thereof the age difference should be determined for Americans 55 and younger in calculating contribution towards the medicare system. In any case, its fair, and it will not be a burden on the younger generation.

Health Care, a ten letter two part word and a dilemma for our generation. Yes, we do need to try to reform our health care / Medicare system. As a business man we should try to understand why health care cost is out of control? We should be looking into what is driving the cost of health care up @ a staggering rate not seen since Medicare was first implemented. We should also see what can possible be done to bring some of the cost down.

That should be our FIRST objective, controlling cost. What is the reason why health care is so high? Why is health care insurance becoming harder and harder to afford?

Well, part of the answer to our 1st question is that Americans are living longer. Also Americans are not putting in as much into the Medicare system / health care system that our government is paying out.

The other part of the puzzle is what does any business person in the manufacturing business looks to drive his / her cost down so they may compete.

Well, the answer to that part of the question is in the preliminary stages of research and development.

When an idea is 1st. Implemented into any new idea or invention, usually, if it is a new product or idea, you patent that idea or invention.

In the health care system it’s a race who comes out with a vaccine or any other medical advancement that can lead to any cure. Our brightest universities along with our best pharmaceutical companies are in a race to find that particular vaccine or medication. Like any business in America, what does any business or manufacturer look for? A return on their investment. Universities as well as pharmaceutical company's spend millions of dollars on research and development. In most cases before a vaccine or medication becomes FDA approved, it may take years before its hits the counter.

A US Patent life expectancy is roughly 20 years,.....The average total pendency, or time from filing to final action, is 32.2 months, or 2.7 years. That means, on the average, one might expect a patent to last roughly 17.3 years....What then? If a patent life expectancy is 17 years, and it takes nearly 10 years before that medication hits the counter, that means the investor only has 7 years to re-coop their investment. Our elected officials should be looking to possibly grant a waiver where the pharmaceutical company's or university's can get the full 17 years of the patent from the date of the initial FDA approval.

If pharmaceutical company's get the full 17 years, I am almost sure that they will pass the savings onto Americans.

I understand waivers were granted for many businesses and organization regarding the new health care bill. And many of those business does not have any effect on the country's well being.

Pharmaceutical companies along with our universities does have an affect on our nation. We need to fix the medicare system, and get our country back on track.

Democrats, Republicans, Independents must work together now. We can then go about focusing on job creation.

How can most Americans retire knowing that their life savings may be lost to an illness. Not all Americans are top earners. And at the same time we should not penalize the top earners of America.

The top earners should not carry the burden of additional taxes. Additional taxation of the top earners of America will not solve our country's medicare problem, especially when the top earners is less than 5 percent. We can solve this. We need to solve this problem thru and during the WORKING CAREER of every American.

Retiree Americans need not incur additional expenses at the end of their working careers. It’s about time our politicians think of their constituents, the people who had elected them.....If we do not wake up as a Nation, otherwise, we will not only face a budget crisis, but inevitable a budget catastrophe.

"What this country needs is an army of workers, including employees, employers, democrats, republicans, independents, united, generating goods and services, igniting a fire of wealth, in turn, turning our country into an engine of prosperity".

A place where one can raise a family, a place of hope.........Currently, a little over 51 percent of the American Population is employed. We need to bring that number up to at least 63 percent. We should try to give American manufactures, businesses an incentive to lure American workers back into the American work force (private sector).

We should not be talking about increase their tax liabilities. Increasing their tax burden would only delay in hiring, in turn, decreasing goods and services on our shores.

"Creating new enterprises as well as expanding existing enterprises should be the focus on our elected officials."

Operating a business in the United States is not as easy as many politicians portray it to be.....Our country welfare depends on taxes collected from businesses, payroll taxes, as well as sales taxes, property taxes. But the bulk of it comes from the work force of The United States Of America.

"Businesses in America" as well as all the hard working employees (Tax Payers) who work for them is the "back bone of The United States Of America........."

I understand that our government hired nearly 15,000 additional IRS Agents to oversee the American tax payer. They were hired to look under every rock, behind every tree, every mattress, to make certain that the tax payer did not cheat the tax system. Why did we hire 15,000 IRS agents to oversee the American tax payer? Rather to oversee the American tax payer, our government should hired a few thousand agents / inspectors to see how many Americans are abusing the American generosity system.

Today, many hard working families cannot make it on their income. Many families, those that have two (2) incomes and especially those with only one (1) house hold income, are facing poverty.....Sadly, millions are already @ the poverty level. Our cost of services has gone through the roof. Living expenses are @ a stage that the average consumer (tax payer as well) can no longer afford basic goods and services........We need to have a complete overhaul on our economy, not a tune up.

In our own city and state, property taxes are constantly increasing. What does any property owner do to cope with added burden of taxes, pass it on to the consumer. Rents has increase, including commercial space, tolls has risen, parking has increased(especially for businesses), mass transit has gone up, food prices is increasing, utilities will now increase dramatically, fuel was approaching $5.00 a gallon.

How can tax payers cope with this burden of living expenses. The sad thing about it is, "We as tax payers take the full brunt of the day to day living hardship." when will it stop?

How can businesses continue operating with cost getting out of control? What this country needs is to put people on their feet again, generating goods and services.

We need businesses to hire, the wealthy to invest in the American economy. Businesses must sell their products @ a reasonable value, where the cost of goods and service will influence the merchant, and consumer thus achieve a level of security. To afford one's goods, without the burden of debt.

"Until security is back in the house hold, then our nation can succeed ONCE AGAIN".

God Bless The United States Of America........

Frank J. Spotorno

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