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Consumer Reports Study Supports Our Cause!

Americans Want to Bring our Jobs Home !

Consumer Reports recently released a survey that produced some interesting results on how the American consumer wants to support our efforts to bring our jobs home. The first finding found that almost 8 in 10 said that they would rather buy American made products than buy products manufactured overseas.

This answer is encouraging but doesn’t ask or require any sacrifice on the American consumer. Actually, the answer to this question should be 100%; all Americans should want to buy American goods if all things were equal and the quality and the price of the product were the same.

The second finding in the Consumer Reports study, which can be found at, gives us more hope. More than 60 percent said that they were willing to pay 10% more for products made in the USA. There may be several reasons for the positive answer to this question.

American’s may believe that products made in the USA are manufactured with a higher quality, or to a high standard of safety or environmental protection. Others may believe, as we do, that buying American helps provide jobs to our fellow Americans.

What the survey shows is that a majority of Americans are “getting it”, and realize that they only way to bring back the millions of American jobs that have been lost over the past 25 years is to bring back, or re-source some of the jobs that corporations have shipped to China, Mexico and other overseas countries.

If the survey is accurate, paying 10% more to buy American products should be more than enough margin to make Made in the USA goods competitive in the US marketplace. Our friends at the Reshoring Initiative,, works to present the options, and positive financial benefits, for American corporations to bring their manufacturing plants back home to the USA.

And thanks to their efforts, we now see a small wave of reshoring jobs back home, with about 300 companies returning their manufacturing back home since 2010. Unfortunately, this is just a drop in the bucket when we realize that 60,000 manufacturing plants, employing millions of Americans have closed in this country since NAFTA passed in the 1990’s.

So while we applaud the efforts of, and the fact that according to the Department of Commerce between 2009-2014, 646,000 manufacturing jobs were added to the US, and another 243,000 manufacturing jobs were waiting to be filled, we haven’t recouped the jobs lost in the 2008 recession, and haven’t even touched the 10 Million jobs lost over the past 25 years that now reside overseas.

In addition to the Patriotic reasons to bring our jobs home, the reshoring initiative can’t refer American companies to the facts that energy costs and labor costs have narrowed between making it in the USA or making it overseas. And when you combine those factors with the costs of shipping goods from overseas to the USA, with the barriers and complications required to manufacture in other countries, the cost-benefits analysis makes bring our jobs home making more and more sense.

Our American companies can’t have it both ways. They can’t claim to be Made in the USA if they are making it overseas. Here’s how you can help. If you find a product that claims to be American made but you are skeptical about, call the FTC hotline at 877—FTC—HELP, or visit and ask for an investigation.

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