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Did the USA ever have a Buy American policy? Yes. George Washington championed a “Make it in America” policy and purposely wore a suit of American-made cloth at his inauguration in 1789 to demonstrate his commitment to “Buy America.”

Washington instructed his Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, to pursue programs to develop American industries. Washington and Hamilton believed that the United States needed to develop its domestic manufacturing in order to secure American independence. To achieve this, they advocated regulation of trade with tariffs to raise revenue, and supporting American manufacturing through subsidies, and other government encouragement. They believed promoting the growth of manufacturing would provide more job opportunities for Americans of all different skills and talents. Hamilton and Washington's economic plan to promote a Made in America economy came to be known as the American System.

Abraham Lincoln required the transcontinental railroad to be built with steel Made in America – that way, he said, we’d have a railroad, a steel industry, and keep our money, too.

Americans need jobs. Twenty six million Americans are unemployed or underemployed. America's economic strength has always come from making, building, growing and creating. But we no longer grow or make what we need to sustain ourselves. Looking at short-term profit and ignoring the long-term cost to our nation, Wall Street has encouraged companies to move jobs out of the USA to low-wage foreign countries.

A flood of foreign-made goods has wiped out the livelihoods of millions of Americans, and endangered our people with tainted food, deadly toys and shoddy products.

Unfair foreign trade practices and outsourcing to low wage countries drives up unemployment, drives down wages and has destroyed American families, farms and industries.

America has lost over 6 million manufacturing jobs since 1998.

As many as 42 million more jobs in engineering, high-tech and service industries are at risk of being outsourced.

Rigged banking, trade and tax policies encourage companies to invest in China and other countries rather than in the USA. Working together, we can change that.

Who's Responsible?

The destruction of American jobs, farms and industries is the result of policies that reward companies to move to low-wage countries and import products back to the United States. Heedless of the long term cost to our people and our nation, officials have shirked their responsibility and approved policies that boost short-term profits for giant, global corporations that have no loyalty to America. America will continue to lose good paying jobs until we change misguided economic policies.

What We Can Do

Corporate and government officials need to know we expect them to supprt policies that will create jobs in the United States, and oppose policies that will continue sending our jobs and prosperity to foreign countries. They need to hear from us, loud and clear.

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