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Governor Christie Vetoes Buy American Bill

Gov. Christie

Here’s another mistake from our elected officials, this time in the State of New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie recently vetoed a “Buy American” Bill, which would have required that the state buy American made products purchased under State contracts.

The bill would have required that products purchased under State contracts not only be made in the United States, but that at least 50 percent of all individual parts and components as well.

This is a common sense piece of legislation that would have required that our tax dollars go to purchase American made products whenever possible.

Business groups including The New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA), applauded Governor Chris Christie’s veto, with NJBIA President Michele Siekerka saying,“The bill would be unworkable given the nature of modern global supply chains which make it difficult to find goods with U.S. sourced components.”

Bring our Jobs Home Founder Frank Spotorno disagrees with both Christie and NJBIA. “Governor Christie’s veto is short sighted and a mistake. We should at least try to purchase as many goods and products as possible for local, state and federal contracts. If there is a case where an American manufacturer cannot be found for a certain product, then a waiver can be obtained.”

“If American goods can’t be used for our State contracts, which are funded by the taxpayers of New Jersey, then we will continue to import twice as many goods as we export. We have to start somewhere, and the argument that these goods would have cost more to purchase through American manufacturers I also don’t believe or agree with. If the people of New Jersey knew that their tax dollars were going to hire Americans I think they would be willing to pay a couple of dollars more per year,” said Spotorno.

Our Federal government does a good job requiring that all of our Federal contracts use made in the USA products and/or labor. Our state governments need to step up and do the same. It should be no surprise that over 100,000 manufacturing jobs have left the State of New Jersey in the past 30 years. Part of the reason for this are the actions of Governor Christie.

We also wonder if the needs of our country, and every day average Americans, conflict with the need and greed of our American corporations and Wall Street. New Jersey’s decision seems to be pro-Wall Street and anti-Main Street.

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