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Letter to Governor Huckabee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Dear Governor,

It seems everyone has been jumping on the band wagon of bringing our jobs back home to America. I have been on this crusade vehemently since 2008, and created our website Sometimes it seems that the words of our politicians don’t match up with their actions.

I remind Governor Huckabee and all republicans that it was the Republican members of Congress who failed on two occasions to pass the Bring Our Jobs Home Act, which would have eliminated the subsidies and tax breaks given to corporations who outsource jobs overseas.

If you are going to join me, and pick up the flag of giving every American the right to have a good paying job with benefits, regardless of race, gender, or political party, than I respectfully ask one thing: Mean what you say and do what you mean.

Talk is cheap. I have invested my time and money into this cause, not because it will bring me great fortune, but because I want the next generation of Americans to have the same opportunity at the American Dream that I have.

I manufacture elevator caps here in America. I refuse to move my plant to Mexico or China. It’s been 15 years since we have been seriously talking about the Free Trade agreements and how they have decimated our manufacturing economy.

50 Million Americans now live below the poverty line. We need to bring jobs home most of all to those Americans.

We need our politicians, and all candidates running to become President in 2016 to make jobs our number 1 priority. Not just in your stump speeches, but in your actions.

Millions of America's children, and their parents, are now facing the worst economic times since the Great Depression. What is the sense of getting an education, and piling up debt, only to find out America's jobs are no longer within one's reach.

Jobs are not a God given right, although, it may be an earned right, especially when our parents and forefathers worked a life time building a Nation for their children's future. What a horror to know millions of Americans can no longer afford basic essentials.

Since the signing of the free trade agreements, America's Industries have been leaving in droves, and it has left behind Americans on the unemployment and poverty lines.

The signing of NAFTA (1992), implemented January 1st., 1994, perhaps the single worst legislation this country has ever passed, along with CAFTA, (2006), the icing on the cake, pushed forward the inevitable, manufacturing plants leaving our country and settling abroad.

It left behind towns and local municipalities across our nation, along with their citizens, unemployed and helpless.

Revenue has stopped flowing for local municipalities. Business closed, people out of work, without health insurances and unable to pay their bills.

Americans, all across our nation, especially, in the town of Millen Georgia, Millen, where unemployment is a 21% percent unemployment, has become a Town forgotten.

Americans are resilient and tough. They can cope with change. But when change takes away the dream of owning your own business, your own home, your job, and results in the inability to pay your bills, raise your family, and live the American dream, we must take action.

We are leaving behind a country with no jobs, Governor Huckabee.

Our elected officials seem to have lost that sentiment working with each other on the people's behalf. Instead they put aside the needs of the American people and bamboozle the American dream for their own self-interest.

I have been in the elevator business since 1980. I have truly seen our country go from glory and pride to malaise. No one seems concerned about governing our affairs, our future, our welfare, and living in harmony with each other.

When am I was a young man, there was a job on every corner, our triumphs of yesterday wasn't only having a job, it was having a career, and having the satisfaction of working hard and earning a paycheck.

It’s not a far-fetched idea. Let’s bring back the hope of a better tomorrow for all Americans by providing them a right to a job.

If you want my vote for the Presidency Governor Huckabee, please put the people's interest first before our party's interest.

Sincerely ,
Frank Spotorno

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