Alliance of Americans for America Features Nation’s Largest Collection of American-Made Products

One of the things we like to highlight at are the American companies and organizations that are doing the right thing, by manufacturing in the USA and/or highlighting the cause of Made in America.

We have also been looking for a website and organization that tells those of us who want to buy American how to do so. Our search is over
Consumers who prefer to “buy American” will find it easier and more efficient to do so – thanks to the new e-commerce site, The site will include the nation’s largest collection of U.S.-made products – nearly 1 million items ranging from toys to home accessories.

Entrepreneur Don Buckner, the visionary founder behind the site, understands the economic clout that patriotic patrons can wield. According to a recent Perception Research Services study, 76 percent of shoppers surveyed are more likely to purchase a product labeled “Made in the USA.”
“When consumers buy American, the money stays here and keeps our friends and neighbors working,” said Buckner, CEO of “With heightened public awareness about the benefits of recycling American dollars, there is an opportunity to stimulate the economy and create jobs. In other words, the power of change is in our pockets.”

Buckner’s patriotic plan can be traced back to 1996, when he tried to find several American-made products online, but was unable to do so. Frustrated, he took matters into his own hands, purchasing Over the years, many suitors attempted to buy the domain – but Buckner wasn’t interested, regardless of how high the offer. “I stood firm, because I knew I could make a difference,” he added. “‘Be American … Buy American’ – it’s the right thing to do.”

Initially, Buckner built the website as a directory resource to connect patriotic consumers with more than 300,000 American-made manufacturers. Last year, he decided to expand his vision and evolve the business into an e-commerce site.

Having spent more than 30 years in the manufacturing sector, Buckner has witnessed a steep decline in American jobs and U.S.-made products. “This website isn’t just about selling products,” Buckner added. “It’s also meant to create conversations about domestic jobs, foreign trade, environmental issues, human rights and the future of America’s manufacturing industry.”

Though the United States has fewer manufacturing jobs than it did in previous years, more than 11 million Americans still earn their paychecks working in factories. According to Moody's, if every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made goods every year, it would create nearly 10,000 new jobs. And if every builder used just 5 percent more American-made products, an estimated 220,000 jobs could be created.

“Consumers who buy American products help keep my employees working,” said Bobby Welter, president of Data Graphics, Inc. a Mt. Dora, Fla.-based manufacturer, affiliated with the site for many years. “Manufacturing in the U.S. is becoming more attractive for businesses due to increased labor costs in markets such as China, high import duties, fluctuating currency exchange rates and uncertainty over volatile fuel costs. Consumer buying habits are fundamental to creating a strong economy.”

To find products manufactured in the United States and learn more about buying American, visit

Be American… Buy American

Your Patriotic spending does a lot more than you think. When you buy American-made products, you are making this country better than ever in so many ways. We are in control of our country’s future each time we make a purchase. So, be mindful of your purchase decisions and choose wisely.

American people spending American dollars on American products equals American jobs. These jobs are the foundation of a thriving economy.
If every American spent an extra $3.33 on U.S.-made products, it would create almost 10,000 new jobs. And, if every builder used just 5 percent more U.S.-made products, it would create 220,000 jobs.

When you buy U.S.-made products, the proceeds remain in the U.S. economy. The money you spend then pays the workers that directly or indirectly created the product you purchased. When workers spend their money on U.S.-made products, the dollars continue to be recycled. Every American worker also pay taxes on wages earned in America.

American manufacturers abide by strict regulations to protect the environment. These regulations do not exist in most of the top countries manufacturing and importing their goods into the U.S. causing massive pollution and environmental abuse.

Importing countries shipping their materials overseas to the U.S. is an added toll on petroleum usage and increases unnecessary emissions in our atmosphere.

Importing countries have little or non-existent regulations or standards for working conditions. By keeping our dollars in the U.S., we are not supporting these horrible working conditions (long hours, exploitation of children, extremely low wages, etc.).

By choosing to buy U.S.-made products you are supporting democracy.

Each manufacturing job creates an additional 5 - 8 jobs.

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