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New York… and America Deserves Better

Over the past three decades I have watched as our Country continues its decline and trend toward mediocrity. I have watched as our members of Congress have served, not with Profiles in Courage, but with a desire to preserve their own self-interest, and support the interests of their political party.

I am a registered Republican but I’m an American first. I see the need for someone to put political party aside and pick up the flag for those Americans who can’t afford a voice in Washington. For those who live in poverty and can’t find a job that pays the bills and includes health insurance.

I have lived the American Dream, and was able to work hard, create a small business and buy a home. The most important thing we can give each and every citizen, regardless of gender, race or political party, is hope. Hope that they can live the American Dream, and help their children do the same.

Hope comes most importantly through a job. Every American should have the opportunity to obtain a full time job, with wages that lift them out of poverty and with benefits that protect their family.

Whether it be the young Americans coming out of college with six figure debts to pay off, or our Veterans returning home after protecting our country, the hope for them to have a better future than their parents has gone, and the job opportunities that all of us have had in this country are no longer there for them.

The hope of the American Dream now lives in Mexico, and China, with the hard working people in those countries now filling the jobs that millions of Americans once had.

The Freedom of America, and capitalism, and the pursuit of happiness, has slowly disappeared with the stroke of a pen, by our Congress and our Presidents, democrat and republican alike, who allowed the Wings of Capitalism to fly overseas. All in the pursuit of the almighty dollar and profit, but at the peril of the average American.

Because of the passage of Free Trade Agreements, and the inability of our congress to pass laws encouraging companies to bring their jobs back home, millions of American families are now facing the worst economic times since the Great Depression. The bread lines of the Depression can now be found in the form of an EBT Food Stamps card in the supermarket.

What is the sense of getting an education, and piling up student debt, only to find out America's jobs are no longer within one's reach.
Free Trade should also mean Fair Trade for Americans, and while a global economy may be inevitable, it shouldn’t come at the cost of American labor and manufacturing, which has always been the backbone for younger generations of all backgrounds to move the ladder to success.

Since the signing of the free trade agreements, America's Industries have been leaving in droves. It left Americans on the unemployment and poverty lines. What a horror to know millions of Americans can no longer afford basic essentials. Upstate New York is an economic wasteland and most of the 400,000 New Yorkers leaving our state are younger New Yorkers with no opportunities.

The signing of NAFTA (1992), implemented January 1, 1994, perhaps the single worst legislation this country has ever passed, along with CAFTA, (2006), pushed manufacturing plants to leave our country and left towns and local government across our nation, unemployed and helpless.

The American Town of Millen, Georgia, where unemployment stands at 21% is the saddest example of how we are leaving behind a country without jobs.
Americans are resilient and tough. They can cope with change and they can deal with almost any challenge presented to them. But they need someone in their corner, giving them a chance to win the fight.

We need a U.S. Senator who reaches across the aisle and works with the other side, instead of running to the nearest TV camera. New Yorkers deserve a US Senator who will represent all of the State, and Main Street and not just Wall Street.

Our Country needs members of Congress who they believe in and trust, instead of the elected officials we have in Washington who most believe have bamboozled the American dream for their own self-interest.

I have been in the elevator business since 1980. When I was a young man back then, there was a job on every corner, and our triumphs were ahead of us, not behind us. We had Senators who worked together for the greater good of our nation.

We need to restore hope to many New Yorkers and Americans who have lost hope. We need to provide jobs to the many New Yorkers and Millions of Americans who want to work hard, and build a career and live a life with the satisfaction that through hard work, you can teach your children well.

We need to re light the flame of American prosperity and pass that flame onto the future generations. It can be done. As I explore a run for U.S. Senate in New York, I ask you to join with me in my crusade to bring our jobs back to America. Please visit and email me at if you are interested in joining me in this journey to restore hope and jobs to the United States of America.

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