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Shame on Your Port Authority of NY-NJ for Using non American Steel on LaGuardia Airport


Here’s more dumb government and ineffective politicians who would stand up for American jobs. The much need $4 Billion renovations at LaGuardia Airport in New York City will NOT bill made in the USA.  Chinese steel will be used for most of the project. — infuriating the U.S. steel industry that says it can handle the demand.

A spokesman for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey told The News Monday that Chinese steel will build some of roadway bridges at the airport. It’s also relying on steel fabricated in Canada for part of the Terminal B building in the airport.The Port Authority said it’s in compliance with the mandates required by its funding.

“The public-private-partnership contract has a requirement that 50% of the steel be domestic and LaGuardia Gateway Partners — our PPP partner — is meeting that goal,” the spokesman said.

LaGuardia Airport is not the only Port Authority project using foreign steel. A contractor hired to overhaul a Holland Tunnel Pier bought steel from several of the U.S.’s most cut-throat competitors — Turkey, Eastern Europe and China, the spokesman said.

Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing, said the Port Authority’s “blatant outsourcing” was at odds with Gov. Cuomo’s insistence on a “Buy American” clause in his latest budget — and even at odds with President Trump’s “Buy America, Hire America” pledge.

“The cost (of this) is more American jobs. It is our hope that the Port Authority reconsiders using Chinese and foreign steel. There are thousands of unemployed factory workers anxious to get back to making steel here in America,” said Paul.

“America’s steel makers are capable and waiting. It is unacceptable that major public infrastructure projects in New York are providing jobs overseas,” he added.

But it’s not just the Port Authority bypassing American steelmakers — the city’s Department of Environmental Protection also brought in Chinese steel for its work rebuilding the Hudson River aqueduct.

And in 2013, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority set off shockwaves by outsourcing $235 million worth of work on its Verrazano bridge upgrade to China.

Even President Trump’s patriotic proclamations may not come true, the U.S. steel industry fears.

“I’ve also directed that new pipelines must be constructed with American steel. They want to build them here, they use our steel. We believe in two simple rules: Buy American and hire American,” he added.

The flaws on the federal level make Gov. Cuomo’s efforts to enforce a “Buy American” provision New York all the more imperative, said Mario Cilento, head of the state AFL-CIO.

“We have the most highly skilled workers in the world as well as the infrastructure to do these types of jobs right here in New York,” said Cilento, who said it was “disappointing” to learn of the Port Authority’s steel choices for the airport.

“That’s why I applaud Gov. Cuomo for making Buy American a top priority. We should be maximizing our tax dollars to create good union manufacturing jobs and strengthening local economies,” Cilento said.

Frank Spotorno, co-founder of, said, “The government mandate says that 50% of steel on federal construction projects must be made in the USA. But that doesn’t mean that we can use 80% or 100% of US Steel for all reconstruction projects in our country. It’s time for our politicians to stand up and say let's use all available made in the US products, before it's too late.”

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