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They Take Our Lives

Not too long ago, our forefathers left a nation that was guided by the crown of Imperialism to a land envisioned by FREEDOM.

Freedom, a gift from our forefathers, paid for by their blood, sweat, and years (tears) of hard work, only to be "laid to rest" by the stroke of a pen.

Imperialism has led our forefathers to leave a Nation guided by its Crown, settle in a new land, envisioned by FREEDOM, now only to have its children abandon by the "Wings of Capitalism."

Industrialization, once the fuel of our Nation's Economy, only to leave our shores in pursuit of "The Almighty Dollar".

Its not that Industrialization has abandoned our nation directly, but indirectly, our legislatives has given it wings to settle and prosper on foreign land.

Because of the passage of these legislation's, millions of America's children, as well as their parents are now facing the worst economic times since the Great Depression.

What is the sense of getting an education, racking up our children debt, only to find out America's jobs are no longer within one's reach.

Jobs are not a God given right, although, it may be an earned right, especially when our parents and forefathers worked a life time building a Nation for their children's future.

Concerning our nations job market, "Free Trade" along with a so called "Global Economy", has led Americans to a road block. Capitalism progressive strides to globalization is inevitable, although, it shouldn't be at the behest of American labor, and especially its children.

Since the signing of the free trade agreements, America's Industries have been leaving in droves. It left Americans on the unemployment and poverty lines.

What a horror to know millions of Americans can no longer afford basic essentials.

The signing of NAFTA (1992), implemented January 1st., 1994, perhaps the single worst legislation this country has ever passed, along with CAFTA, (2006), the icing on the cake, pushed forward the inevitable, manufacturing plants leaving our country and settling abroad.

It left behind towns and local municipalities across our nation, along with their citizens, unemployed and helpless.

Revenue has stopped flowing for
local municipalities. Business closed, people out of work, people loosing their homes, health insurances, unable to pay their bills.

Americans, all across our nation, especially, a town in Georgia, Millen, @ a 21 percent unemployment, became The Town That Jobs Forgot.

Americans are resilient and tough. They can cope with change. But when change takes away the dream of owning your own business, your own home, your job, unable to pay your bills, raise your family, your way of life, thus, the American dream is all broken up, taken away by the stroke of a pen. A legislation signed by our leaders, hoping to change and improve the world, but leaving behind a country (USA) "without jobs".

And they have the nerve to say Americans are TAKERS.........

Bring our jobs home,

Frank J. Spotorno

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