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Trump Uses Bully Pulpit to Promote ‘Buy American, Hire American’

Teddy Roosevelt Bully Pulpit

One of President-elect Donald Trump’s favorite tweets and campaign theme has been, “ My Administration will follow two simple rules: BUY AMERICAN and HIRE AMERICAN!”

Many of Trump’s critics, and many in the American media, have forgotten the real power of the Presidency, or the power of the bully pulpit. Still not in office yet, Trump has used the power of the office he was elected to encourage American corporations to reconsider their decision to outsource, or move their jobs and factories overseas.

Taking a playbook out of the pages of former President Teddy Roosevelt, Trump is using the Presidency to sit down with CEO’s and embarrass them into doing the right thing for the American worker, or praise them when they decide to keep jobs in the USA.

We also should realize and notice what many American Corporate CEO’s are doing. They realize the power of a President like Trump could have on their popularity and ability to sell their goods to Americans. So they are coming to Trump to discuss possible ways to once again, Make it in the USA.

Benzinga writer Wayne Duggan, recently wrote about the American companies that could benefit the most from a President Trump’s Buy American, Hire American policies.

“While Trump’s pro-American business policies may be a major pain to companies that rely on cheap foreign labor, Trump may provide financial incentives for those already “reshoring” U.S. jobs.

“Rising labor costs in China and other foreign countries coupled with rising international shipping rates has already led some U.S. companies to start bringing jobs back to America.

“GE recently shifted hundreds of water heater production manufacturing jobs from China to Kentucky. Wal-Mart has also been choosing American labor as part of its Made in USA initiative.

“Ironically, Ford Motor Company and Boeing Co, two companies of which Trump has been openly critical, are among the U.S. companies reshoring the most jobs. Together, Ford and Boeing have brought back a combined 5,900 U.S. jobs.

“If these companies continue to bring back American jobs from overseas, Trump may change his tune and could even create tax credits or other potential rewards for these pro-America companies. If that’s the case, this American pride could translate to stock market gains for the blue-chip stocks during the Trump presidency,” writes Duggan, who is one of the few reporters that sees the possibilities that a Trump Presidency, and a Buy American, Hire American, administration, can do to bring our jobs home.

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