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Upstate New York & Small Town America Can’t Afford to Shop at Sears-Manufacturing Jobs Needed

China Thanks You

By Dan Murphy

For the past twenty years, I have travelled to the upstate New York Town of Massena, located on the Canadian border on the banks of the St. Lawrence River. Like all small towns across America, Massena best days have been in years past, when the town had a GM plant, an Alcoa plant and a Reynolds Aluminum plant. Today, GM is gone, and Alcoa merged with Reynolds, leaving one small plant still open.

What shocked me on my recent Christmas trip to Massena was how bad the local economy was, and how even some of the anchor stores in town, like Sears and Office Max, were going out of business. Things were never great economically in Massena during my visits over 3 decades, but I noticed a bad situation turn into a dire situation last year.

It made me think what my friend Frank Spotorno once said about how “many Americans can’t afford to shop at Walmart. If you don’t have a job, or a good job, you can’t afford to shop anywhere.”

China Thanks YouAmerican Manufacture Jobs Needed
Just found these on a blog I don't agree with everything they state, but I sure as heck agree with their views on jobs, or the lack thereof.

That is now the problem is Massena, and in small town America. The economic decline, and the loss of American manufacturing jobs overseas, has resulted in communities that can no longer afford even the simplest of luxuries, like going shopping at Sears.

Minimum wage jobs at the Mall, or at Walmart and Home Depot cannot support a local economy alone. You need an anchor corporation or business, which provides a good paying wage with benefits and health insurance. And the people who work in these jobs can afford to go shopping at the Mall and Sears, and take the family out to dinner once a week at the local restaurant.

I live in the suburbs of New York City. Our economy is fueled by the NYC economy and by Wall Street. Most major Cities across our country have an economic engine that runs their local economies and fuels their small businesses, stores and restaurants.

Small town America needs our manufacturing jobs back, and that is what this website is all about. Tell us about your small town and its economic condition by email at

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