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Walmart Commits to $250 Billion in Made in USA Products

Retail giant Wallmart is doing its part to make it in the USA and to bring our jobs home. The company will continue its efforts to commit to buying $250 Billion in Made in the USA through 2023.

Wallmart is a willing buyer, and they need willing American made products and companies to apply online at

Our friends at the Reshoring Initiative, (, are making sure that Wallmart is living up to its commitment.

“The U.S. has made good progress bringing jobs back since 2010, with reshoring and FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) announcements by thousands of companies totaling over 300,000 manufacturing jobs. These jobs represent over 30% of the 939,000 manufacturing jobs added from the low of February 2010 until March 2017,” said Harry Moser, President of the Reshoring Initiative. “The Walmart $250 billion commitment is making them the largest driver of reshoring. The Reshoring Initiative is delighted to help Walmart reach this goal by helping suppliers produce more here.  Any company needing help analyzing feasibility is encouraged to use the free TCO Estimator. Email for help.”

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