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We Found the Culprit in the Bring Our Jobs Home Movement: The Offshore Group

If you are an American manufacturer, at one point you have considered moving your plant overseas. As an elevator cab manufacturer in New York, founder Frank Spotorno had the chance to make millions and move his plant to Mexico. He refused, saying: “I couldn’t sleep at night if I had moved. My employees are like my family, and it’s un-American to do so.”

There are several culprits in the continued move overseas of our good-paying manufacturing jobs: The politicians in both parties in Washington, D.C., who continue to let it happen; the corporations who move their jobs out of the USA with little consideration for their former employees; and the poverty the disappearance of jobs causes.

But there are also groups that we can only call blood suckers, or vultures, capitalizing on and enticing American corporations to move their plants overseas. The Offshore Group is one of those companies that makes money taking jobs away from Americans.

If you think Free Trade Agreements help the American worker, take a look at what the offshore group has to say…

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