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Two Super Bowl Commercials in Two Years!

2015 Commercial

2014 Commercial

"If you combine American technology with great American workers, you can be competitive with anyone, anytime, around the world,” David MacNeil, CEO WeatherTech.

The fallacy that you can’t compete with made in the USA products in the International marketplace has been debunked –for the past 2 years, on Super Bowl Sunday.

WeatherTech, the American made manufacturer of high-quality automotive liners, have highlighted their company in this year’s Super Bowl 49 and in last year’s Super bowl 48.

Last year’s commercial, took a sarcastic look at how many American bankers, investors and employers reject the notion that our country can still make products that can compete and make a profit. Both TV commercials cost more than $4 Million each.

This year’s commercial highlighted the company’s products and manufacturing base in Illinois, which provides about 1,000 jobs in metro Chicago.

WeatherTech CEO David MacNeil is a cheerleader for an American revival in jobs and manufacturing, based on personal experience, and has talked about his success story and the ability of Made in the USA to thrive in many recent interviews.

WeatherTech’s Super Bowl 48 commercial included one actor saying “Nobody builds factories in the United States anymore,” Everyone kept telling WeatherTech, “You can’t do that.” But MacNeil’s response, as in the Super Bowl commercial, was: “We didn’t listen to the experts.”

“The Super Bowl was a great platform for branding the WeatherTech name and getting it out to all of America,” said MacNeil. “It also helped us get across a message that is near and dear to me, about U.S. manufacturing, our industrial infrastructure, factories in America, using American raw materials and hiring American workers.”

MacNeil started the company in, after realizing a need for quality floor mats for luxury brand cars. “I don’t really care; what I do is from the heart,” he said. “I’m going to manufacture here in America, and it really doesn’t matter if I can manufacture more cheaply overseas.”

Handling everything in Illinois, he said, also “means we’re quick-to-market. We don’t have to wait for a ship to come from thousands of miles away — we can manufacture right here, right now.”

MacNeil hasn’t asked for a tax break, or any governmental support to keep his business in the USA

But as he has expanded his operations around suburban Chicago, MacNeil said proudly, he hasn’t asked for “any support whatsoever form local or national governments in building our factories.”

MacNeil has also learned something that we at know to be true. Made in the USA sells, and is appealing to the American consumer, and to consumers across the world. At first MacNeil imported car mats from Great Britain, but took the plunge in 2007 and opened his plant in Bolingbrook, Illinois, and despite a national recession the year after he began making in the USA, sales have continued to increase.

Quality controls that MacNeil can make in the US plant, that he would be unable to do if he made it in China, have added to his profits, and his company’s market share. He pays his employees a $20 per hour wage and now sells 30% of his products in Germany and Korea.

“It’s pretty simple. If you deliver a technologically advanced, high-quality product, your business will grow–if the customer is happy with the product,” he says. Compared with that, “those extra manufacturing costs mean nothing.”

"This is what resonates with my fellow Americans," he says. "They like to support people who are patriotic in providing jobs for their fellow Americans. All I was trying to do was raise awareness about buying American-made products."

A few years ago, I purchased some floor mats for my Honda CRV. Little did I know until writing this story that they were WeatherTech mats. When I made the purchase I didn’t realize that they were made in the USA, nor would it have determined which mats I bought. I wanted the highest quality, and the mats are still with me, and my CRV 7 years later.

But what if all of us knew which products were made in the USA, and which companies, like WeatherTech were providing a top quality product while keeping jobs here at home? Would be more inclined to buy American?

We think the answer is yes, and that’s why we need to build Bring Our Jobs Home to include a list for all Americans of what companies are doing the right thing, like MacNeil and WeatherTech, and which companies are not supporting American jobs, and have outsourced for a couple of extra dollars.

And a parting thought from David MacNeil, who we thank for reminding us that the American Dream is still alive and that Made in the USA is a reality.

"If my neighbor doesn't have a job, sooner or later, I'm not going to have a job." Visit and buy a great American product.

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