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Yonkers Clothing Store, Alumnus, Selling and Succeeding With Made in USA Only Products

Bring our Jobs Home founder Frank Spotorno visited a Yonkers, NY small business that recently opened on Main Street. Alumnus, located on 37 Main Street, sells casual clothing to its young and hip clientele.

Proudly posting a Made in the USA sign outside, Alumnus has all its clothing, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants, made in a Pennsylvania factory, with all cotton coming from North Carolina.

The cost of clothing at Alumnus ranges from $75 for high quality sweatshirts, to $150 for a top and bottom matching set. The quality exceeds any of their cheaper competition, and here’s the greatest part: Younger buyers are willing to spend more for Alumnus products, with sales so far exceeding their expectations. Check out Frank Spotorno’s video of his recent visit to Alumnus.

“This is exactly the type of business we need to support and promote, and that’s why I created the Bring Our Jobs Home website and campaign. Many people from my hometown of Yonkers told me that the issue of bringing our jobs home is not a local issue that cannot be changed by running for local office like Yonkers Mayor.

“I disagree. I think that a Mayor, or City Councilmember, or any resident of Yonkers, can and should highlight our local businesses that are supporting efforts to employ Americans, like Alumnus. It also shows us that the American dream of business innovation and entrepreneurship is still alive,” said Spotorno, who also updated Bring Our Jobs about his future plans for elective office.

“After a late night of working at my elevator plant in Queens, I was driving home and got caught in the middle of the protests of the death of Eric Garner over the Throgsneck Bridge. I was stuck for 2 hours and it gave me time to think about our City of Yonkers and the future of our Country.”
“Eric Garner was killed trying to make a living by selling loose cigarettes. He had to provide for his family and this was the best way that he thought he could do so. While many of our politicians in Washington DC talked about the excessive taxes we place on cigarettes that allows the sale of illegal and untaxed cigarettes, they don’t talk about the real underlying cause.

“There is a generation of Americans, who like Eric Garner, cannot find a job that will provide for their family. The best way to reduce crime is to give every American an opportunity to have a good paying job with benefits. We need a March on Washington for jobs, and to hold our politicians accountable for supporting legislation that helps bring some of our manufacturing jobs back to the USA.”

“As I waited on the bridge, I realized that a better way to support my cause, which is to bring our jobs home to America and to further our campaign and my website, would be to withdraw my name as a candidate for Mayor and explore a run for Federal office.

“The issues facing not only our City but our country are great. In addition to bringing jobs back home, we need to pass an increase in the minimum wage to lift millions of Americans out of poverty. As a small business owner, I pay my employees a working wage, with health insurance.

“I disagree with the belief that a Mayor cannot support the cause of bringing good paying jobs to the people of Yonkers, but I will not be that candidate for Mayor. While I am encouraged that Mayor Spano has settled most of the contract with our City unions, it is essential that a contract resolution be reached with all unions, including Yonkers Firefighters Local 628."

“In the weeks to come, I will be making an announcement on my political future, but more important, the future of our cause to bring our jobs home. I encourage all Americans, and my friends from Yonkers and New York City, to join me and support this worthy cause,” said Frank Spotorno.

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