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Yonkers New York Mayor Honors Founder

Frank Spotorno honored by Yonkers Mayor founder Frank Spotorno was honored over the summer by Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano for his service to others and for his efforts through to “get the American people to focus on the lost manufacturing base in our city, state and country.”

Mayor Spano proclaimed July 15 “Frank Spotorno Day” in the City of Yonkers. The proclamation reads: “One of our city’s biggest cheerleaders, Frank Spotorno consistently encourages businesses, companies and individuals to consider Yonkers as their base and home, referring to Yonkers as the ‘Little Apple.’

“Deeply involved in the community, Frank Spotorno is an active member of the Exchange Club of Yonkers, where he recently led the effort to raise funds to purchase a K-9 dog for the Yonkers Police Department, and through his selfless acts of charity and humanitarianism has made our city a better place for all of us,” continues the proclamation.

Spotorno thanked the mayor and the City of Yonkers for the honor.

“I want to thank Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano for honoring me over the summer by proclaiming Frank Spotorno Day in the City of Yonkers,” he said.“Under Mayor Spano’s leadership, Yonkers has begun toattract new development and businesses to relocate to our city, and Yonkers has become a good example of how to bring jobs back into a community.

Frank Spotorno honored by Yonkers Mayor“But the effort to bring our manufacturing jobs back to our country is about more than one person, or one city. All of our elected officials – on the local, state and federal level – need to prioritize the cause of the 50 million Americans living in poverty that need good-paying jobs with benefits,” continued Spotorno. “But we also need to wake up the American people, and get them to focus on buying American-made products and holding our American corporations accountable if they have shipped too many jobs overseas.

“We also need to get the American people to cast their votes based on the voting record of their elected officials. Talk is cheap, and we need to elect representatives who will not support tax breaks for corporations that move jobs overseas, and who will support legislation that would give incentives for corporations to bring their jobs back to the USA.

“These are common-sense solutions to our biggest problem facing this country. We need to keep the American dream alive for everyone – to have the opportunity at a job that can support a family. And we need to support the millions of Americans living on Main Street, rather than those working on Wall Street,” said Spotorno, who recently held a BringOurJobsHome rally in Times Square, New York City.

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