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A Future For All of Us

Over the course of 237 years since declaring our independence from Britain, citizens of the United States have authored an unprecedented journey – a story of democracy and fundamental rights that would be tested on battlefields across the globe, and perpetually strengthened by the unwavering will and spirit of the people that call themselves Americans.

Many cities across our nation have played an important part in America’s history, emerging from humble beginnings as farming communities and quickly turning into the manufacturing powerhouses in the nineteenth century. My own city of Yonkers, New York, helped create successful companies like Otis Elevator, Alexander Smith & Sons Carpet Company, and many other manufacturing and services company that have worked for years to make it successful, employing many local residents. As a country, we fostered the first automotive assembly line, the first successful flight by the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh’s successful transatlantic journey, and cultural revolutions like the civil rights movement.

Our global leadership position remains grounded on a wave of prosperity and global demand for American products, education, technology, innovation and most important -- our civil liberties. Historically, the term “American made” had meaning, and carried with it a genuine pride that was uniquely ours. Most important, our success was largely determined by how hard we worked and our commitment to each other, no matter what race, color or creed – and was not determined by restrictive trade agreements, fractured alliances and divisive political agendas.

Today, our Nation faces many challenges. The good news is that solutions to our challenges are available; we don’t need to be in bankruptcy, and we don’t need to simply hope that change will happen. We have the people, resources and the know-how to fix our problems. Despite these advantages, though, nothing happens without the great people of the United States getting involved.

I believe that jobs and education are the key to our nation’s success, and always have been. Jobs built America’s strength, and empower cities like Yonkers and others thru out the United States made up the majority of our national infrastructure. Jobs fuel our tax base, funds investments we desperately need in education and infrastructure, and gives us the economic muscle we need to build a sustained recovery right here, in my own city of Yonkers, and throughout the United States of America. Education fuels the base of talent we desperately need to keep our innovation engine alive and well, at home and abroad. There is no more strategic investment we could make for long-term prosperity.

We cannot afford to continue manipulating the optics of our job growth, or label the shortage of labor demand with seasonal adjustments or position statements. We need a measurable investment in America that produces an equally measurable increase in job opportunities, plain and simple.

The issues facing our nation ultimately impact every single city, and citizen, of our country – and we need to take action now!

Did we not learn how our nation became the greatest country ever? It was thru hard work, ingenuity, innovation, and a vision.....everyone pitching in; building our nation thru the sweat of our ancestors merits. Thru the sweat of our ancestors, came a nation that future generations were supposed to thrive on.

Instead, we are giving away our resources, technology, and most important American Ingenuity.

The Free Trade Agreements must be revamped, along with its loopholes allowing American Corporations to leave our home land, settling on foreign land, manufacturing goods, re-directing its merchandise back to the United States of America.

As an American manufacturer my-self, I truly believe, if you want to sell a product here, it should be made here in America. If an American manufacturer decides to settle its wings abroad, then they should be outlining a method to cater to that particle geographic area regarding its consumers. Let them open up manufacturing plants abroad for the sole purpose of catering to the area's geographic consumers.

Its not that I am against free trade, I am against the unfettered free trade. American corporations leaving our home land, making deals with foreign governments, throwing Americans on the street, for the sole reason of cheap labor, avoiding labor laws, escaping regulatory regulations, and the "greed and pursuit" of the "almighty dollar."

I also believe if these American Corporations who seek the support of our elected officials, our servicemen in uniform, and the American consumer, then I believe, for the good of our country, If you are an American Corporation, with a corporate seal of the United States, and you are in the manufacturing business, than that plant should be housed within the 50 states of our country, "employing Americans".

"The future for tomorrow's leaders, (America's future leaders), concerning our children today, is probably the most important issue any parent, political and / or labor leader should be addressing today."

I thank you for your support, bless and pray for the recovery of our Nation and especially my beloved city, the city of Yonkers.

Frank J. Spotorno
Alliance of Americans for America

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