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Almost 6 million manufacturing jobs have left the United States in the last 15 years. What Is Going On???

American jobs are being lost, families are left with no options, our livelihoods are being taken from us… What exactly is going on?!?

Is output down? No. Manufacturing output is up 72% since 1990 and six times greater than in 1950. What is lower are the amount of jobs available. Much lower. Far fewer people are producing the same amount of work that they once shared with co-workers — almost 6 Million fewer!!

America is the most productive country in the world job for job, product for product. We produce more because we take pride in our work and have the drive to always do better and strive for upward mobility.

Now we are being rewarded for all of that hard work with massive unemployment and a lack of future, both for ourselves and our children.

In 1970, 17.8 Million manufacturing jobs were available for men and women who wanted to work
hard and enjoy productive, comfortable lives. Now we have only 12 million manufacturing jobs left in this country, 6 Million lost since 2000. And out of those 12 million, a third of new “manufacturing jobs” are filled by overpaid managers or “professionals.” So in reality, many less people are producing much more work. Does that seem fair to you?

Why is this happening?
Because we have let our corporate “masters” ship our jobs overseas (to China, mainly) so that they can make BILLIONS more in profits while paying a pittance to foreign workers toiling in unsafe conditions, producing cheaply made and often dangerous products.

In the last two decades, through widespread industry deregulation, and “global” offshoring deals made by wealthy corporations with their powerful friends in government, we have witnessed the almost complete and total shift in power from workers to management, where WE make less money and face more job insecurity, and have lost both hard-earned pensions and benefits.

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