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Buy American This Holiday Season

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By Dan Murphy with Frank Spotorno

Every year at the end of November, we urge our readers and fellow Americans to take a minute before you begin to buy your holiday gifts and ask yourself—can I make an effort to buy American made gifts?

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t ask that question, we are looking to buy the most affordable products in the easiest way, regardless of where it is made. It’s also interesting that Buying American and making it in the USA isn’t cool.

Adriana Lopez wrote an interesting story for Forbes magazine, when she wrote about how the uniforms for the Olympics in recent years were created by famous American designers but were made in China. While the story made news and some took offense, there was no outcry in our country, or even a whiff of a protest to have some things made in the USA.

“There is value making it here and in  U.S. manufacturing. It is about creating jobs, keeping money circulating in our own country, and decreasing our dependency on other countries. In honor of the Summer Olympics and the entrepreneurs who have chosen to manufacture their products in America, I have compiled a resource guide with websites that provide lists of American made products. The hope is to encourage more consumers to buy “Made in America,” as well as influence American companies to keep their manufacturing in the U.S.A,” writes Lopez.

The Continuous Lean–The American List – ( features a list of stylish and cool brands that manufacture their products in the U.S.A. The list is an effort to appeal the younger, more stylish consumer and make “Made in the USA” products cool again.

USA Love List-( U.S.A. Love List was built on the principle of featuring great American made products, directing consumers to where they can purchase them, and inspire more companies to sell and manufacture more American made products.

Still Made in the USA ( is another database of American-made consumer products organized by category, including apparel, toys, and appliances. The website was launched by a busy mother of three as a result of her frustration with not being able to find American made products in one place.

Two good websites with long lists of made in America products include: USA Only (—and –Made in USA Forever (—

Another organization to look out for is FUTBAL: Fans United to Buy American Labor is a project to convince the NFL, MLB and NBA to require “made in USA” souvenirs and uniforms. Blue-collar workers are the heart and soul of sports fans. The major league sports teams will sell more “Made in the USA” souvenirs than imported ones.

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