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Don’t Blame the Robots for Lost Manufacturing Jobs

We re use this headline from a blog post last year highlighting a report from the Brookings Institution. One of the excuses we hear again and again from the talking heads about one of the reasons manufacturing and other jobs are leaving our country is that it is based on the technology revolution. As Spotorno to say, “This is a canard.”

There’s no truth to the technology argument, and here’s why: First, any technological changes can be made to existing plants here in the U.S.A. Our American workers are more educated and produce a better product than their counterparts in China and Mexico. Second, our country is the technological capital of the world. Any innovations or advances have probably been invented and discovered in America. Keeping that innovation in this country, and employing American workers, makes sense.

Finally, if there is a manufacturing industry that can be automated, or built without workers on the lines, it is time for our corporations to analyze the cost of keeping the remaining jobs in the manufacturing plant here in the USA.

Bring Our jobs Home Communications Director Dan Murphy recently interviewed Kurt Uhlir from the Made in America Movement about technology and American jobs, on Murphy’s WVOX 1460 AM radio show.

Uhlir echoed a sentiment that we, and others, have stated. “Companies need to realize that the cost of building their products here in the U.S. is much cheaper than sending it overseas,” he said. “The increase in efficiencies and technologies created here show that you can build it here. Ninety five percent of clothing sold here is made overseas. But there is new technology that allows robots, which are still run by highly skilled workers, to put sweatshops out of business.

“But even for other companies, studies show that Americans are willing to pay more for something that is made in the U.S.A.,” continued Uhlir. “But the most interesting part is that they did the same survey in China and found a majority of Chinese residents wanted to pay more for American-made products. Companies just don’t look at what the research shows.”

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