Alliance of Americans for America

How Can We Bring Home Our Jobs?

What’s so frightening is that along with the loss of these economy-stabilizing manufacturing jobs, this country’s middle class is virtually disappearing right before our eyes, with millions of Americans now living way below the poverty line. And OUR OWN GOVERNMENT has created this horrific financial greed-fest that has left America on the brink of economic disaster.

So what can we do?
Okay, so you know the bad news…now, here’s the good: The Alliance of Americans
for America is already trying to change things, and we are starting to succeed through the
dissemination of information and ideas…but we need your help.

First, you can stay informed with and see what we know and what we’re doing about what we know.

What we need to do is vote for the right people to represent us in making the best economic
decisions. Whether we’re Democrats, Republicans, Left or Right Wing, we are all Americans, and we need to stand together to get this country out of its disastrous economic slump.

Steps we can take:
Vote for representatives on the local and national level to:
• Reform NAFTA and other international treaties
• Enact employment and business law reform to balance the marketplace
• Introduce legislation that increases the financial transparency of business offshoring practices
• Foster cooperative retraining and learning opportunities between labor, business, and
educational institutions
• Help us end the outsourcing of American jobs to other countries, and reverse the decline in
the quality of life for hardworking Americans We need marketplace reform, better (and more
affordable) education and most importantly, we need to BRING OUR JOBS HOME.

Our motto is: If you want to sell it here, then MAKE IT HERE.
Make your voice heard and stand up for the country you believe in.

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