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NAFTA and CAFTA – And now OUTSOURCING! They’re all bad for Americans.

It is exciting to see so  many fellow Americans are now leading the charge in bringing our jobs home. Concern parents, politicians, labor leaders; "Americans", all across our country; understanding the needs and importance of a well paid job. These are concerned Americans; (parents, politicians and labor leaders,), whose primary interest is to the people and children of this great Nation.

It is a relief knowing that many fellow labor leaders and politicians are now taking the lead in today's economic recovery, concerning our nation today and its future, especially from concern Americans all over our country.

It is with great gratitude to know; "Americans", all across our nation are concerned with our children's future. The future for tomorrow's leaders, concerning our children today, is probably the most important issue any parent, political and / or labor leader should be addressing today.

Not only am I a business man in the great state of New York, I am also a concerned citizen of the United States Of America.

A recession that has left millions of  Americans in extreme poverty. All across our nation, Americans are out of work, loosing hope in our system.

As a concerned citizen myself, I cannot believe what is happening to our country. Many people are out of work, loosing their homes, unable to pay their bills, the American dream all broken up.

Our only purpose for starting this organization is one (1) reason only; To reverse the destruction of our economy.

We are a group of individuals who believes; unless Americans band together, especially American businesses, American labor, the American economy as we know it, may be lost forever.

As a concerned citizen myself, the importance and need in bringing American industry and manufacturing home is a vital interest to our country  economy. An economy that has left millions in distress.

Executives and shareholders who became wealthy on the fact that industrial America is now overseas seem unconcerned that they left Americans on the chopping block.

What justification is their to lower taxes to corporations while the majority of parts and labor is made over seas without any benefits that is associated with American labor?

Too many high level cooperate executives, along with their shareholders, are investing in corporations based here in the United States, while their manufacturing plants are housed in other countries.

While Americans are out of work, they earn their wealth off the backs of cheap labor. These corporations should not be given further tax incentives.

"Free Trade" has millions of Americans in disarray, while corporate America along with their shareholders are indulging in profits never seen before.

Tax incentives should be granted to corporations who invest and manufacturer in our own country using American Labor, American Ingenuity, American Technology, and American Products!

The following is only my suggestion and views as a business man in New York State...............

The signing of NAFTA (1992), implemented January 1st., 1994, perhaps the single worst legislation this country has ever passed, along with CAFTA, (2006), the icing on the cake, pushed forward the inevitable, corporations and industry in America, leaving in droves.

It left behind towns and local municipalities across our nation, along with their citizens, helpless.

Revenue has stopped flowing for local municipalities. Business closed, people out of work, people loosing there homes, there insurances, unable to pay their bills.

Americans, all across our nation, especially, a town in Georgia, Millen, @ a 21 percent unemployment, became The Town That Jobs Forgot.

Americans are resilient and tough. They can cope with change. But when change takes away the dream of owning your own business, your own home, your job, unable to pay your bills, raise your family, your way of life, thus, the American dream is all broken up, taken away by the stroke of a pen.  What a horror it is to see legislation signed by our leaders, hoping to change and improve the world, but leaving behind a country (USA) "without jobs".

The signing of NAFTA, and CAFTA, along with our financial system's reckless lending, caused the great recession. We now know that lending without a solid background, can cause a loan to default and a financial system in disarray.

Many changes were made in the financial world. Changes should also be made with NAFTA and CAFTA regarding "Free Trade Agreements".

What good is free trade when our own American citizens are left on the unemployment line?

Manufacturing as a share of the economy has been plummeting. In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent. Today, its even lower.

Manufacturing loss is occurring because of "globalization and outsourcing". Globalization is the increased mobility of goods, services, labor, technology and capital throughout the world; Outsourcing is the performance of a production activity in another country that was previously done by a domestic firm or plant.

At the dawn of globalization, the elimination of trade barriers opened up access to foreign markets for American manufacturers in return for building factories abroad. In due course, more and more manufacturers set up shop overseas, producing goods to be sold to Americans.

Today, the trend is so severe. With the birth of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Mexico became a major recipient of outsourced U.S. manufacturing jobs. Mexico is now a global leader in auto parts manufacturing and one of the world's largest television set producers.

Now, with the startup of the Central American Free Trade Area (CAFTA), another exodus of U.S. jobs went south of the border. U.S. household names such as Dell, IBM, Sara Lee/Hanes and Maytag have already moved their business into the Central American region. Asia has also been a long-time recipient of outsourced American manufacturing.

A study by the universities of Cornell and Massachusetts-Amherst found that India alone may be responsible for up to 700,000 outsourced jobs.

China has also received hundreds of thousands of outsourced jobs.
Admirers of globalization contend that free access to foreign markets and cheap labor increase corporate profits and thereby benefit the U.S. economy. While this argument may superficially sound compelling, it ignores the dangerous long-term effects of manufacturing losses. In reality, outsourcing makes Americans poorer over time, because America's wealth and technology slowly migrate to other nations.

Manufacturing, exporting and direct investment produced prosperity through income creation. America's wealth grew when profits from domestic manufacturing were reinvested into buildings, machinery and technological change. But now outsourcing is diverting that income to foreigners. America may gain access to cheaper products through outsourcing, but it also comes with attendant problems, including a downward pressure on wages. Laid-off manufacturing laborers are largely switching into lower-paying jobs in the service industry.

If America does not manufacture and sell goods, then money only leaves the country. The U.S. now imports twice as much as it exports. This has resulted in a trade deficit that has ballooned to an unprecedented $800-850 billion on an annualized basis. Unfortunately, this trend shows no signs of abating. U.S. exports are declining versus imports all across the board. Even agriculture posted a deficit for the first time in 2004.

Every time an American manufacturer closes and then reopens abroad, that foreign country gains American technology. Not having to spend resources developing technology, foreigners can focus on improving or beating it.

This essay would not be complete with addressing another major reason why the American economy is collapsing - the fact that  Building Trade Unions are no longer supporting American Manufactures.

Not only has Free Trade left millions of Americans hungry and unemployed, building trade union members are installing products and materials from other countries; (outside resources). I remember a time when a union label was on every product before it would be considered for installation in the American building trades. Not only the Building Trade Unions should be concerned about inner city labor in America, the Building Trade Unions should be concerned about "Rural America Labor" as well.

More and more Americans, including seventeen (17) million middle class Americans are now on medicaid. Yes, we can place Americans in other fields, we can further their education, and some think, we can even increase the size of government. But that alone will not fix our country.

We need to mobilize our economy again, we do not need a tune-up, we need to overhaul our economy. We need to bring manufacturing and industry back to our nation. We need to overhaul our financial marketing system. Banks need to make loans to solid businesses, especially those that are still left in the manufacturing business and those entrepreneurs looking to start manufacturing again in our country.

New regulations should be implemented while existing regulations should be reformed so we can entice manufacturers and entrepreneurs to start back up again in our country.

All across our nation, we need to start our engines again. We need Americans to stand on the sweat of their own merits.

Jobs, economy, and the right to a make a living should be our politicians 1st concern.

Let's put our industry on an even playing field. If our financial banking system is being reformed, Nafta and Cafta free trade agreement should be reformed.

Hundreds of corporations, including household names such as Maytag, G.E., Levis-Strauss RCA, Zenith, US Steel, have all gone abroad...........

The Alliance of Americans For America is the only organization dedicated to uniting the sources of grass roots power - motivated citizens, Republicans and Democrats loosing faith in the political process - business owners, union members, non union members - all with a common goal - to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

Purpose: To stand against the Outsourcing of American jobs to other countries by U.S. Manufacturers.

Our Goal:
1) Bring American Manufacturing Jobs Home to The United States.

2) The Alliance of Americans for America is "people powered"- we bring the message straight to the people in charge.
To get manufacturing jobs, we need;...............

A) Taxes cut domestically for American Manufacturers, Industries, Corporations based and housed here in the United States.
B) Tariffs on outsourced labor and products.
C) Regulations streamlined.
D) Bureaucratic clutter eliminated.
E) Trade barriers for exports knocked down.
F) Building Trade Unions recognizing
American manufacturing as a main source of building materials; for use with project developments.

We value access to the US consumer market and want our leaders to treat it like the treasure it is.

Join us and tell the rest of the world:
"If you want to sell it here.........

Web site:

With the support of the Building Trade Unions, as labor leaders of this great Nation; we look forward to their support bringing our jobs home.

"We can continue to sit on the side lines and do nothing and hope for the best. Or, we can come together with a common goal: To reverse the destruction of our economy."

God Bless The United States Of America,

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