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NAFTA Is Killing Us and the U.S.!

The North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, along with the Central American Free Trade Agreement, CAFTA, and now with the signing of the Asia American Free Trade Agreement, AAFTA, are the worst legislation our leaders has ever signed.

What good is free trade when millions of Americans are left on the chopping block?

What good is cheap when in essence the savings are not passed onto the American consumer. What good is cheap, when millions of Americans can't afford cheap...........

American name brands being manufactured on foreign soil, @ .50 cent to two (2) dollars an hour labor rates and still being sold @ astronomical prices where the average American can't afford....

I have (4) questions to ask my prior leaders and many of my current leaders............

Its been eighteen years since our prior elected politicians changed the way we do business in our nation.

From 1941 to the signing of Nafta, (1994), our country was the leading industrial nation on earth. We manufactured and serviced our own products. Ingenuity, technology, and a vision was our country "forte".

We were a nation that serviced the products we manufactured. Since the birth and signing of Nafta in 1994, manufacturing as a shared of the economy has been plummeting.

Our past leaders determined that we will be a service oriented nation. They also determined our work force would be re-trained. Today, manufacturing as a shared of the economy is under 9 percent.

Millions of Americans are unemployed. Hundreds of thousands of americans has given up looking for work. Millions more are on social services. And those that are working and contributing towards our tax revenue system are asked to pay a little more in taxes.

Personally, I have no problem paying more in taxes, as long as I know it will go to a just cause. But how can our tax paying citizens be certain where our additional tax money will go to?

How can we trust our current elected officials when they themselves can not explain how we manifested a 15 plus trillion dollar debt. We elected our politicians to govern our country. Yet, governing and controlling our expenditures has put our nation in peril.

We are at 15 trillion and counting. Where are our elected officials on this subject?

Unfortunately, the bickering among the parties are putting americans further in poverty.

One side is concerned about the wealthy paying their fair share. The other side is concerned about lowering our tax revenue. And than their are those who are concerned about spreading the wealth among the millions of Americans.

Governing our nation is at a standstill. Nothing is getting done. Everyday, our debt is increasing. More and more americans are on the chopping block while corporate america is indulging in profits never seen before.

Class warfare is being implemented by our own elected officials. Our seniors social security and medicare is on the verge of collapsing after decades of contributing towards their retirement.

After 30, 40, 50 years of employment, americans, working towards the advancement of our nation, our hero's medicare and pensions, are in jeopardy.

Now, many of our elected officials are asking younger americans to work till 69 years and better. Once, which was an American Dream is now becoming an American Nightmare.

While some of our elected officials are riding the waves of the unemployed, many in the media is surfing on it................

My questions are:
1) Where are all those service oriented work force employees that our past elected officials has hoped for?
2) Where are the companies / corporations that our prior leaders had hoped for?
3) Where are the service oriented companies that were supposed to change the way we do business in America?
4) Finally, where are the jobs?

One (1) thing I do know, and this is a no brainier. If our nation would bring our manufacturing plants home, millions of americans will be employed. Tax revenue will be generating once again. A fire of wealth, (taxes) would be ignited.

Americans would be generating goods and services. Americans would once again be dependent upon themselves rather to depend on the government and outside resources.

Its been nearly 20 years, "where are our current elected officials on this most important subject". "Can't anyone see that Nafta, Cafta, and now the signing of the "Asia America Free Trade Agreement" doesn't work".

Its great for the foreign countries who picked up our slack after thousands of american corporations went out of business or moved abroad. And It's great for the executives and shareholders who invest in american corporations that is based on our homeland while the manufacturing plants are housed overseas.

I believe, for the good of our country, If you are an american corporation, with a corporate seal of the United States, and you are in the manufacturing business, than that plant should be housed within the 50 states of our country, "employing Americans".

The signing of Nafta, along with Cafta, and now the signing of Asia American Free Trade Agreement, sold our country out.

We are now at a 15 trillion dollar debt, and many of our politicians are more concerned about each others background than the fact that millions of Americans are in extreme poverty.

What this country needs is an army of workers, employers and employees, united, generating goods and services, igniting a fire of wealth, thus, turning our nation into an engine of prosperity.

God Bess The USA,

Frank J. Spotorno
The Alliance Of Americans For America

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