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S.3364: Bring Jobs Home Act on July 19, 2012

Thank you for supporting me on the importance and need in bringing home our jobs. Outsourcing is destroying our economy.
It's people like you who need to bring attention to our senators in passing the S.3364; Bring Our Jobs Home Act in the next congress, during the next session, 113th. Congress.

42 Republicans blocked the S.3364: Bring Jobs Home Act on July 19, 2012. This bill would have banned tax deductions for companies that move their businesses overseas. It also would have given a 20 percent tax credit for companies returning from overseas. It would have created millions of jobs across our Nation, thus, igniting a fire of independence among millions of Americans, returning our Nation into an engine of prosperity.

The bill failed by a 56-42. A count of 60 was required to end discussion and move to a final vote.

Instead of owning up to what they done, the Republican Party swept it under the rug. This short 10 page bill addressed the problem of nearly 24 million Americans out of work, and 49 million more Americans on the poverty line, badly damaging our economy.

Have a joyful and happy Thanksgiving with your family,

Frank Spotorno

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