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Spotorno for America-Happy New Year

Frank Spotorno Beside Portrait of President George Bush

Last week, former Congressional candidate Frank Spotorno attended the NYS GOP Empire Club Holiday Reception and renewed his commitment to the Republican Party through the NYS GOP Finance Committee, which Frank has been a member of since 2016.

Spotorno is pictured at the Women’s National Republican Club in Manhattan in front of a picture of former President George HW Bush. NYS GOP Chair Ed Cox made comments about the importance of continuing to offer an alternative message to New Yorkers and to stand opposed to the progressive, liberal message of New York Democrats.

“I support Chairman Ed Cox and his team, and I will continue to stand opposed to the message of Socialism that we hear from many New York Democrats. In the months to come, I will be seeking a position in the Trump administration in Washington and will continue to be a voice for good jobs for Americans and to highlight the injustices that American corporations take advantage of in their overseas factories with child labor and unsafe working conditions,” said Spotorno.

“Yes, even in 2019, we still need to Bring Our Jobs Home!”

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