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Spotorno Gives a Dozen Republicans an Early Christmas Present

By Dan Murphy

Frank SpotornoMy good friend Frank Spotorno really didn’t want me to write this story, but as I watch one of his favorite movies “Mr Smith Goes to Washington” on Christmas, I wanted to share with all of his friends this story about how a regular, working class union guy like Frank saved a dozen top New York Republicans last month.

Frank was at a meeting of the New York Republican Finance Committee last month in midtown Manhattan. Over the past two years, Spotorno has run for Congress and NYC Council. Both of these elections were difficult and even impossible for a republican to win, but Frank fought the good fight and tried to get his message out about the need for more union jobs in the Construction industry and the need to bring some of the millions of jobs lost overseas back home to the USA.

As some of the top NY Republican donors and leaders met and tried to make sense of the most recent election of 2017, eventually they said their goodbye’s and wished all Happy Holiday's. As two groups left a Manhattan skyscraper, only 10 could fit into the elevator and they headed down to the lobby.

Frank is an expert in the elevator business. He not only makes the best elevator cabs in the world, but he inspects elevators throughout the city to make sure that the thousands of passengers get in and out of the buildings safely.

As Frank waited with the second group of republicans for the elevator to return, the first group of republicans got stuck in the elevator, which got caught between floors. After some time, the building’s maintenance man pulled one of the safety devices before he began pulling people out of the elevator.

But he failed to shut off another part of the elevator’s safety devices, and as he began to pull out passengers from the elevator in between floors, he didn’t realize that the elevator could have moved at any minute, severely injuring the passengers, that included NYS GOP Chairman Ed Cox and My Pillow founder Mike Lindell..

“Stop!” said Spotorno, who had walked down the stairs to where the elevator had stopped. “Everyone stay in the elevator.” Frank made sure all safety devices and guards were properly turned on, and while it took a while longer for everyone to get off the elevator, they did so safely.

Many of the republican passengers, including Chairman Cox, were thankful that Frank had attended their meeting. That day symbolized to me what Frank has been trying to do for many years, which is to try and bring more union workers into the GOP tent, but also to make sure that the many large NYC construction projects are built and staffed with union workers.

Frank’s message of jobs, and to give hope to those who want to live the American Dream, is the same message that President Ronald Reagan delivered in the 1980’s, and that blue collar, working class democrats, independents and those who have to work three jobs to make ends meet, are still searching for. Many of those same Americans voted for President Donald Trump

On behalf of those New York Republicans and members of the finance committee stuck in the elevator last month, Merry Christmas Frank Spotorno.

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