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The Unopened Gift

Gift card.

Every year we hear how Americans fail to cash in their holiday gift cards. This year is no different. Now that the Holidays are over different organizations are talking about how Americans are not using their gift cards. It has been projected that as much as $21 billion dollars worth of gift cards have gone unredemmed. That's a lot of money.

Despite these numbers people continue to purchase the little plastic cards, and they are often requested by people on our shopping list. Even so, some people let their gift cards expire.

There is hope that your money will not go to waste as many people who have received gift cards say they often hold on to them to use later. It is not uncommon for a Gift card to get used a year after it's received. Some people even regift them to others.

No matter how they are used, their popularity is here to stay, at least for now. These go-to cards work when you just do not know what to get. Besides, with mailing costs still rising, they are easy to drop inside a greeting card. 

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