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Trump Protects American Milk and Dairy Farmers from Unfair Trade

Trump protects dairy farmers

Trump Protects American Milk and Dairy Farmers from Unfair Trade

Here’s another problem with so called “Free Trade” with countries around the world, and it's not only China and Mexico. Canada is trying to prop up its Dairy farms by subsidizing Canadian milk, allowing it to be sold for less in the USA.

U.S. President Donald Trump recently promised to defend American dairy farmers who have been hurt by Canada’s protectionist trade practices, during a visit to the cheese-making state of Wisconsin.

Canada's dairy sector is protected by high tariffs on imported products and controls on domestic production as a means of supporting prices that farmers receive. It is frequently criticized by other dairy-producing countries.

"We're also going to stand up for our dairy farmers," Trump said in Kenosha, Wisconsin. "Because in Canada some very unfair things have happened to our dairy farmers and others. It's another typical one-sided deal against the United States and it's not going to be happening for long," Trump said.

Trump also reiterated his threat to eliminate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico if it cannot be changed.

Some American Dairy farmers have had to dump their milk because of the influx of cheap Canadian milk.

Canada claims that there is nothing wrong with their practices, and The Dairy Farmers of Canada said it was confident Ottawa would "continue to protect and defend" the dairy industry.

“This is another example of how as Americans, we need to make sure to support and buy Milk products that are made in the USA. We can’t subsidize Canadian dairy farmers when our American dairy farms are dying. Upstate New York is also the home to many dairy farms and in some small towns and villages, it’s the biggest business,” said Frank Spotorno, Co-Founder

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