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ABC News Challenges Americans to buy American Products during the Holidays

There are clothes made in America: Jeans, hoodies, T-shirts and more. This holiday season consider buying American made!

Help create thousands of jobs right here in America! ABC News let's viewers know that they have the power to give other Americans a wonderful Christmas this year...

In this segment Diane Sawyer talks about why we should buy American made products and David Muir lets us know where we can get clothes that are made in America. You read right, clothes made in the USA. It is hard to believe that only 2% of all our clothes are made here in America but this segment shows the power of buying American Made.

David Muir demonstrates how one clothing company goes so far to prove that their product is 100% American made by letting the consumer's know which American Farmer grew the cotton in their Jeans. Apparently, each jean comes with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' that includes a traceability number. When you enter the traceability number found on the jean label into their website it will tell you exactly which farmer and mill were involved in producing your pair of jeans!

The All American Clothing company says they just want to acknowledge the hard working Americans who are involved in making their product. If you want to learn more check out their website at

This holiday season let's help the American clothing industry make a come back.


The Alliance of Americans for America wants to thank ABC News for their "Made in America" series and acknowledges that this video clip and all rights are reserved for ABC News. We want to encourage our readers to check out their website to find information about their featured news items. Keep up the great work ABC News. Go to

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