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Made in America: US Spends Millions on Foreign-Made Sneakers for the Military

U.S. shoe companies express interest in keeping sneaker manufacturing here at home.

What do you think? Should American soldiers wear clothes and shoes made in America?

President Hoover probably thought so when he signed a federal law passed in 1941 stating that the US Military should purchase there items in America. Yet Republican Senator Susan Collins told ABC News back in March that those sneakers the American Soldier is wearing is not made here in the USA, but is in fact purchased from companies that are manufactured in foreign nations. Apparently there is a loop hole in the law that allows the Pentagon to order from foreign nations even though American manufacturing firms here in America have tried to get the contract.

So here are the big questions... Will the other shoe companies in America get a chance to bid on a contract or will the Pentagon continue to send American money and American jobs overseas?  Will our Federal government start purchasing American made shoes for their troops? Listen to the answer as reported by RT America Broadcast.

Don't be afraid to contact your Congressman or Senator about this subject. Let them know that we expect our Federal Government to contract with American companies and not foreign ones.


The Alliance of Americans for America wants to thank ABC News and RT America which broadcasts from its studio in Washington, DC.  for dealing with this topic. We acknowledge that this video clip and all rights are reserved to RT America News. We want to encourage our readers to check out their website to find information about their featured news items. Keep on Questioning. Go to and to learn more.

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