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WFAA and ABC News Look at “Made in America” at SMU

Dallas’ WFAA-TV News does a companion piece to the ABC News “Made in America” segment with SMU’s Monica Resendiz.

Deep in the heart of Texas, SMU student Monica Resendiz wanted to deck out her dorm room with American Made Products. The only problem was she couldn't find anything. Monica sent out a cyber message complaining about the problem and three weeks later an ABC News producer gave her a call.  ABC invited her to be a part of their "Made in America" series, which she gladly accepted. That is when Dallas WFAA-TV News did a companion piece  to the ABC News "Made in America" segment.

Monica was able with ABC's help to fill her room mostly with American made products, only the refrigerator, a mirror and a pair of scissors were foreign made.  She claims others are following her lead. Many young people are looking for a Made in the USA label, because they want to support the job market that they will soon be entering.

Resendiz told WFAA that shopping for American Made products is easier when companies advertise that their products are made here... "the economy is tough," she went on to say, "people are looking for jobs, and they want to support American jobs."


The Alliance of Americans for America wants to thank ABC News for their "Made in America" series and Dallas' WFAA-TV News. We acknowledge that this video clip and all rights are reserved for WFAA-TV of ABC News. We want to encourage our readers to check out their websites to find out more information about their featured news items. Keep up the great work ABC News. Go to and to see more.

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