Alliance of Americans for America

Committed to Bringing MANUFACTURING JOBS back to Amercica.

For over a half century, American manufacturing has dominated the globe. It turned the tide in World War ii and hastened the defeat of Nazi Germany; it subsequently helped rebuild Europe and Japan; it enabled the United States to outlast the Soviet empire in the Cold War. At the same time, it met all the material needs of the American people.

During this period, many American icons were born. Companies like General Motors, Ford, Boeing, Maytag and Levi Strauss became household names. American manufacturing became synonymous with quality and ingenuity.

On the back of this industrial output rose America's middle class. High-paying manufacturing jobs, in turn, helped spur a robust and growing economy that depended little on foreign nations for manufactured goods and armaments.

However, manufacturing as a share of the economy has been plummeting. In 1965, manufacturing accounted for 53 percent of the economy. By 1988 it only accounted for 39 percent, and in 2004, it accounted for just 9 percent.
Manufacturing is the key - unlike road work, manufacturing allows a labor force to stay in one geographic area for decades, bringing jobs and opportunity to families for generations.  Road and infrastructure improvement, while apparently large at first,  is limited in time and scope .. and when it's gone, it's gone.  Manufacturing contributes value for generations - particularly if it is protected by the government.

American Manufacturing is the key to  our long term growth - with manufacturing jobs in place to provide for domestic consumption American technology will deliver the efficiencies to make us supplier to the world of high quality manufactured goods while providing our workers the highest standard of living in the world.


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